Version 2 Was Released This Week.

Heads Up: Version 2 Has Been Released!

By Elephant Learning | Announcements

Mar 26

Dear Parent,

We had come to the conclusion that in order to support older devices we needed to switch our frameworks to a more modern UI framework.  

The upcoming release fixes so many issues that we could no longer support version 1 and because of that, we are emailing to let you know to please download the updated app from the app store. The old application will cease to function after the release.  Also you should know that we have some curriculum changes. All students will restart with an assessment based on their current level to ensure they are properly reassigned.  There is nothing you will need to do to set this up.

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While I have you here, I wanted to let you know about some of the things we have upgraded from version 1.  Beyond the framework upgrade, We have completely redone the reports and they are now more powerful.

You may notice is the green indicator next to the subject name.  The indicator switches according to the legend to show where a parent may want to focus attention while working with a child outside of the app.  The parent advice was moved from its own section to go inside the reports that open when you click on a subject.

We now provide student statistics so you can idea of why we have marked the subject as need attention and then guide you on how you can provide more help.  You will also notice that we now allow the possibility to pause a subject that is too hard so that a child does not get frustrated and a button to test out of the subject if a child finds that subject too easy! Drill down further into the milestone and we give specific activities that you can do outside of the app to teach that particular concept.

In the games, we have now added a skip button so that if a question is too hard, a child does not need to feel forced to answer.  Hitting skip will allow them to see some feedback as well as see easier questions.  On the left hand side we have made it so that if a child wants to choose the question of their next subject they may do so by clicking on the subject of their choice.  We also show progress in each subject to motivate focus.  Subjects that are skipped too often end up getting flagged so that you know there is a problem before the child does.

We used version 1 as a guide while building version 2, and so everything from a usage perspective should feel familiar.

Along with the above we took time to ensure our product is built on top of strong foundations.  The changes we made are going to allow us to move more rapidly and if you have an idea on how we can make things more effective for you please let us know.  We are excited to see how your children progress!

Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD
Chancellor, Elephant Learning Math Academy

  • LaToya says:

    Thank you for the updates 🙂

  • Meg says:

    I am hoping the update has improved voices for the app. My daughter is annoyed by the monotone/robotic voices on the app.

    It’s not always convenient to get to the desktop version, but for some reason the voices are better on the desktop version. I love the program and I really don’t want her to give up on it.


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