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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Elephant Learning work for my child?

How does learning happen? Is it memorization?

What is the tuition for Elephant Learning Math Academy?

Does Elephant Learning offer a free trial?

Is there a contract? What is the minimum term?

How are Scholarships awarded?

How does the Guarantee work?

How to login as a student?

My child is significantly ahead or behind or has special needs. How do I set them up? How do I reset a student or give them a new assignment?

How does the Placement Exam work?

What is the Elephant Age?

How do I use Elephant Learning?

Can I help the child with the problems?

Is your product common core? Does it support the standards for my state?

I am a teacher, do you have a product I could use within the classroom?

My children are homeschooled. How does Elephant Learning support us?