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Game Play

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Game Play

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During gameplay, there are 4 key areas. The top of the screen is reserved for instructions, the skip button, and the home button. The skip button allows children to skip the current question and should be reserved for only when a problem is too challenging or the student is guessing at the question. Skipping, like answering incorrectly, tells the algorithms to provide fundamental concepts that are related to the current activity.

On the right-hand side, is the answer area. We also place objects to be dragged into the game area from this area. The game area allows children to manipulate objects, highlight, or arrange them in any manner they see fit. For questions that require the number line or areas, the main gameplay area may become the area where students input their answers.

On the left-hand side, a list of the active subjects is provided. The gameplay chooses questions from the subjects at random based on the student’s detected level in each subject. You will notice the yellow highlight indicates which subject the current question is from.

If a student clicks on one of the active subjects, the background will highlight, and the next question will come from that subject. This allows the student to control the subject that the next question comes from, bypassing the random selection. When the background is highlighted, it indicates that the next question will come from that particular subject.

For example, in the screenshot below, the student has five subjects open. The current question came from the subject “Addition Subtraction: Comparison”, and the next question will come from “Multiplication in the Line”.

The Active Subjects area shows the current subjects being played by your student.

2 minutesread