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How Does The Elephant Age Work?

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How Does The Elephant Age Work?

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The Elephant Age is the average age at which children outside of the system are doing the same mathematics as your student. We calculate this by averages provided by early age education research and by curriculum standards set by federal and state governments for grade levels. We recalculate the Elephant Age every time your student passes a milestone by taking the average of the most advanced milestones your student has passed. The Elephant Age graph on the dashboard is also updated by milestone passes.Sample Elephant Age Graph

If your student has a lot of subjects open, it can slow progress on the Elephant Age. This is because the games choose questions from the open subjects at random, and if there are a lot of subjects open, this can inhibit the ability to close milestones.

One useful feature of the games is that the student may choose the subject of the next question. In the games, there is a list of active subjects on the left side of the screen. You will notice that there is a yellow highlight around one of those subjects, indicating that the current question is from that subject. If your student taps or clicks on one of the subjects, the background will highlight, which means that the next question will come from that subject. If the student focuses on a few subjects at a time, overriding the random choice, they will pass milestones faster, causing the graph and age to update sooner.

2 minutesread