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The Placement Exam

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The Placement Exam

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Elephant Learning’s placement exam assigns subjects in test out mode. This means that, during the exam, we ask the most challenging questions from each subject. If the child answers all questions correctly, we open up new subjects, which are also in test out mode. If they answer incorrectly or skip a question, we assign that subject to them in normal mode, so all questions will be asked. Because of that, the longer your student is in the placement exam, the better it is for them because it means they are further along.

It is important that skipping in our system, especially during the placement exam, should be reserved for questions that are too challenging. Our system treats skips similarly to incorrect answers. If a child encounters a question that is too difficult during the placement exam, it is better for them to skip it and review that material than to try and power through. Reviews tend to go quickly.

You can determine if any subject is in test out mode on the Overview tab on the Dashboard. In the Active Curriculum section, it will have a star next to its name. Usage during the placement exam should match your normal expectations for their coursework. Recommended usage is 10 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

Subjects in the placement exam will have a star next to their name in Active Curriculum.

The placement exam is intended to be very similar to normal coursework, so that children do not feel like they are being tested. We will automatically switch to coursework once all subjects are out of test out mode; they will not be able to tell the difference. The puzzles are all activities that have been proven to teach math concepts, and children learn by solving them.

Sometimes, children answer incorrectly or skip questions accidentally during the placement exam. If that happens, you can put any subject back into test out mode on the Overview tab on the Dashboard. In the Active Curriculum section, click on the subject, and you will see a button that says Test Out. This is a great way to have them continue right where they left off.

Resume test mode by selecting "Test Out" in the Active Curriculum section.

If you helped your child during the placement exam, or you need them to retake the exam for any reason, you can do this by logging in via a web browser and going to Manage Account > Students. If you want to remove the old data, you may remove the student and add them back. When you do, they will be assigned the default placement exam for their age. To set a new assignment, you may click Change Assignment and choose the assignment that best fits their level. It is important to ensure that the placement exam starts behind their level; that way, we are catching up to the student, rather than having them fail back to a lower level.

Change your student's assignment from the Manage Account / Students tab.

3 minutesread