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Premium Voices Released!

By Elephant Learning | Announcements

Dec 12

Good Evening.  Tonight, we have made a new release.  Users on Amazon Kindle Fire and Android are required to upgrade the app to version 1.1.1 from their respective app stores in order for the upgrade to work.  iOS and Web Browser users have already automatically received the new update.  This update represents a major upgrade to the application and here is what you need to know.

Premium Voices

The most notable upgrade, is that we have added the first set of premium voices.  Prior to this upgrade, we primarily used the voices that come with the device that your student was using.  We did this because those voices had no bandwidth requirements.  Users of older devices and those who have not upgraded their operating system did not get upgraded voices because of this decision.  To make a more uniform experience across the different devices and to allow flexibility with voices, we have started using premium voices that are streamed to the device.  These voices require extra bandwidth.  If you do not wish to use these voices, you may turn them off by going to the edit avatar screen by clicking the edit avatar button above the avatar and turn off all premium voices.  By doing this, you ensure that the only voices available are the voices on the device and thus we do not use the extra bandwidth.  For all of our current users, you will never have to pay extra for the premium voices — you will be grandfathered into the premium plan when we roll that out later in 2019.

Preloading Games

On some older devices and slower internet connections, the assets were taking some time to load.  Due to this, some users were experiencing issues answering questions when the assets were loading games that were not already cached — namely sometimes answers not showing until the assets were loaded.  To resolve this issue, we now load all of the assets prior to launching the game and you will notice that when you click on the game that a loading spinner appears.  We are still caching the assets and on subsequent loads, loading should go much faster as we only ensure all assets are present.

Help Section Has Been Added

We have been answering user questions by email, and we have now figured out the key pieces of information that users needed to make best use of the application.  You will now see a help button on the website and within the app.

There were also major fixes to older versions of Android. Apparently, some libraries that were upgraded on a release in November broke Android 5.0 devices — it was browser compatibility mismatches and we have resolved this issue by filling the missing API which those libraries are using that caused older browsers to break.  We apologize for this issue and we have released as soon as we can with those fixes to get you back to working quickly.  Please take the update from the store in order to receive those fixes.